The Biennial 2021 Joint Conference for Learning Difficulties hosted by SPELD, LSTAQ and LDA was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Guest speakers:

16 September: Professor Pamela Snow – Oral Language Skills and Reading Success: Leveraging the Simple View of Reading in Primary and Secondary Classrooms.

17 September: Toni Hatten-Roberts – Beyond differentiation: Using the science of learning to teach all students.

In 2021, the biennial conference provided evidence-based practice to assist classroom teachers, home tutors and support/inclusion personnel in supporting students who experience difficulties with learning.


Presentation notes 16 September
Professor Pamela Snow
Lillian Fawcett
Raelee Randall and Alexandra Holstein
Jeff Souter
Tom Porta
Karene Janke
Lorraine Gaunt
Michael Maier
Athena Panagopoulos & Joslyn Christians
Susan Prior

Presentation notes 17 September
Mrs Toni Hatten-Roberts
Eduarda Van Klinken
Peter Cracknell
Lorraine Gaunt, Tom Porta & Nicole Todd
Meg Warren & Nicole McKillop   & extra workshop notes
Nicholas Parker
Justine Bomm


For 2021, the theme for the conference is “RELEVANCE and REVELATIONS: Responding to Learning Difficulties”.

Thank you to all attendees, exhibitors and presenters, this is what makes a conference a great networking opportunity for educators.

Feedback responses after day 1.
“I want to come tomorrow, can’t wait”
” When will the notes be available to download, I want to learn more”
” I’ll see you next year, we need more of conferences like this”
” I wish all teachers were able to hear more about the sessions from today”

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