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LSTAQ (Learning Support Teachers’ Association of Queensland Incorporated)

LSTAQ is the amalgamation of the former RTAQ (Remedial Teachers’ Association of Queensland Incorporated) and STAQ (Support Teachers’ Association of Queensland). RTAQ served teachers, students and parents for 33 years. STAQ originated as the Secondary Resource Teacher’s Association in 1978 and underwent the subsequent name change to reflect changed role titles in the workplace. The amalgamation as RSTAQ (Remedial and Support Teachers’ Association of Queensland Incorporated) in 2001 of the two associations, recognises the current educational context as one of change, challenge and opportunity. RSTAQ association name was changed to LSTAQ in 2009. LSTAQ represents a spirit of engagement to celebrate diversity and to be at the forefront of collegial conversations addressing identity and difference.


  • To promote the professional role of the learning support teacher working alongside teachers to enable students with diverse learning needs to participate in common educational experiences.
  • To provide a forum for communication and professional development among learning support teachers.
  • To advocate that learning support teachers have a mediating position in schools, as trained specialists, to remove barriers for students experiencing a range of learning difficulties.


Educational leaders problem-solving to create classrooms that accept and respect that each student has the opportunity to learn and grow within a school community.


  • Organise meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences for professional development and networking;
  • Maintain a website for the professional community;
  • Disseminate, through a variety of mechanisms, current research and theory in the professional field;
  • Liaise with and establish professional partnerships with other professional bodies with similar advocacy roles within Australia and internationally;

  • Liaise and collaborate with educational training institutions and accreditation bodies;
  • Negotiate professional standards and qualifications;
  • Advocate for learning support roles with employing bodies;
  • Negotiate and liaise with employer bodies and industrial unions who cover support teachers in Queensland.

Meet The Committee

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