2021 – Relevance and Revelations conference

2019 – Include, Improve, Inspire conference

2017 – Inclusive Directions for Education conference



  • Susan Galletly: Managing Cognitive Load as the key to literacy development Visit Link
  • Jan Roberts: Building confidence, creativity and competence in narrative writing: Teaching strategies Visit Link
  • Ross Adams: The Impact of Trauma, Grief and Loss, and Change on the Referral Process Visit Link
  • Lois Letchford: Outsider to Oxford – Lessons for all educators Visit Link
  • Sarah Mitchell: Supporting students with dyslexia and dyscalculia in Mathematics Visit Link
  • Jennifer Peach: A multidisciplinary approach to the identification of reading disorders Visit Link
  • Christine Killey: Independent spelling stars from the foundation for life, not the Friday test Visit Link
  • Claire Oldman: General Knowledge- the mothership of reading comprehension skills Visit Link
  • Cassie Mutimer: Phoenemic awareness Visit Link
  • Susan Galletly: The OzEd emperors are naked: The chat! Optimising education for struggling readers Visit Link
  • Emily Jones: Movement in Mathematics-embracing the challenge of stimulating student engagement Visit Link
  • Amanda Borello: Creating a drafting voice-metacognitive writing strategies to support students with diverse learning needs Visit Link
  • Lois Letchford: Critical components to improving reading comprehension for dyslexic readers Visit Link
  • Robyn Monaghan & Kate Andrews: Read 3 Visit Link
  • Jo Stephens: Secondary school inclusion- a parent’s view on what worked , what didn’t, and what mattered Visit Link
  • Julie Tasker: Technology for writing Visit Link
  • Irene Peters & Raelee Randall: Identifying and supporting students with Language Disorders Visit Link
  • Leslie Keast-Patch: What about me? Including dyslexic learners Visit Link
  • Jan Roberts: Practical strategies for students with spelling difficulties Visit Link
  • Karene Janke &Danielle Sanders: Every student can learn to read Visit Link
  • Leslie Keast-Patch: Write On: Keyboarding vs Handwriting Visit Link