Jennie Lawless

Jennie Lawless

Jennie Lawless helped to form Secondary Resource Teachers Association in 1977 having completed the Graduate Diploma in Secondary Resource Teaching 1975-1976. Jennie became the first President of the Association. She was involved as a committee member until 1990 and remained a member of that Association.

During negotiations between the Remedial Teachers’ Association and the Secondary Resource Teachers’ Association for a merger, Jennie was a representative. She became an active member on the committee of the newly formed Queensland Remedial and Support Teachers’ Association in … Jennie was President of that Association 2000-2002.

For the last 12 years, Jennie has been working as an Advisory Visiting Teacher in Behaviour/Behaviour Consultant.

With the change of name to the LSTAQ, Jennie continued as a member of the Association and a committee member intermittently.

The Learning Support role is dear to Jennie’s heart.